Los Angeles Video Editing, VFX, Post Production, Animation and SEO

Finding the best Los Angeles Video Editing can be quite difficult. The main thing I recommend is “What is it that you want?” and being specific in the search with that.

You can go broad and do: 

  • Google “video editing in Los Angeles” or “video editor Los Angeles”.
  • YELP and put in your address and “Video Editor” and many good resources will come up that will actually have reviews.
  • Go on Craigslist and type in Video Editor into the “Services” or post in “Gigs’ “Video Editor Needed”

However, I found that this method is lacking in that you get the whole spectrum of video editors. Why this matters is your wedding editor is totally different than your feature film editor; the editor for a mom and pop tends to be drastically different in skill level and rates than someone who edits movies.

So go specific:

  • You need a wedding editor? Do “wedding editor Los Angeles” or “wedding editor (insert your location”.
  • Do the same for Craigslist and for YELP and you will find that your results, rates and expectations will be much more managed and the person you look to be targeting will produce much more positive results.
  • Lastly talk to your network. There is literally nothing better than a personal recommendation that is trusted.

Los Angeles based VFX artist options, post production and animation tends to go much more the same. Being specific in location and needs will allow you to produce and procure the right partners for the right project. Anything that you need in the production world can easily be found as long as the right search terms and drilling down specifically will create managed expectations and access to the right partners.

For the overall needs, I use my buddy Caesar at Augustus Films as he is a good friend and he’s proven to work. He also provides SEO Services in Pasadena, CA